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How to reach us:
Person: Rusakova Marina
Address: Suite 31, 28 pr. marshala Zhukova
Moscow, Russia, 123154

Phone Numbers:
Home: +74991911947
Cellular: +79161334240


Of course you think «Oh these russians, in this country people live in snow and play with bears». Well… we in Russia think about some overseas countries something like to «In south states of USA live rednecks who hunt to every black people, in Latin America governments throw down every three months and all Argentinian people dancing tango 24 hours per day».

Stale joke, yeah.

But we all live in normal countries, and works hard every day to live in normal conditions. If you read this words, probably you love dogo argentino or just start interested this beautiful breed. We breed dogos more than 7 years and achieve excellent results.

So if you have some questions about our dogos or all breed you can write to our e-mail, and we answer shortly, don’t worry.

Of course you can knock to ICQ.


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